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Mission Statement:

Industrial Automation and Control Services provides packaged goods
manufacturers with customized automation solutions that will deliver
measurable performance improvements and maximize the return on investment
they have made in their production equipment.


To provide our customers with simple and reliable solutions to complex
automation problems.

We are based in Minnesota, the mid-west USA, but provide service to customers globally.
We have experience in the following industry sectors:
  • Dairy and Beverage processing and packaging
  • Snack food packaging
  • Package handling and distribution
  • Web handling
We have working experience with the following types of equipment:

Form/Fill/Seal equipment:
  • Gable Top filling machines - (Tetra Rex, Cherry Burrell, Liquipak)
  • Portion Pack filling machines - (Tetra Brik, Tetra Classic, Tetrahedron)
  • Vertical fill bag/pouch machines
Distribution equipment:
  • Conveyor control
  • Package Accumulators
  • Straw Applicators
  • Closure Applicators
  • Tray Packers
  • Casers
  • Crate Handling- Crate Packers, Crate Stackers, Crate De-Stackers and Crate Washers
  • Film Wrappers (shrink and stretch film wrappers)
  • Inkjet Coders (Videojet, Lynx)
  • Label Applicators
  • Hot Melt Applicators
Other Equipment:
  • Self-contained cleaning in place (SCU3, SCU4, SCU5) units
  • Sanitizing units (FSU)
  • Pre-fill dosing equipment
  • Liquid product storage, pumping and processing equipment

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